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Re: Is sshfs usable and sensible as home directory file system?

[Wolfgang Schweer]
> I believe to have choice for diskless workstations would be good.
> (1) Run without any configuration: access home dirs via sshfs, use ldm 
> to login.
> (2) Run like before in Squeeze: add them to LDAP, use NFS. This needs 
> further configuration: kdm, gdm3 or lightdm must be used to log in, so 
> DEFAULT_DISPLAY_MANAGER must be set (full path) in lts.conf, LDAP or 
> kernel commandline (pxeboot).

The idea to handle both depending on configuration is a good one.  If
the host is in DNS and a member of the workstation-hosts group, enable
autofs and use NFS.  If the host isn't in DNS or not a member of the
workstation-hosts group, disable autofs and use sshfs.

This is independent of the display manager choice.

> Tested everything: The simple way to get the missing Kerberos TGT
> when running (1) does't work, cause the REALM isn't set right. The
> hard way (x-termial, kinit) works.

As far as I could tell, REALM is set right, as kinit work from the
command line.  But the GUI client do not seem to like it.  krb5.conf
is set to find Kerberos settings from DNS, using SRV records, and this
work fine with kinit.

> I wonder, if I should commit this.

I suggest a different test, that do not require manual LTSP changes in

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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