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Re: Is sshfs usable and sensible as home directory file system?

[Wolfgang Schweer]
> By default, LTSP in wheezy uses LDM for diskless workstations. So
> sshfs is used to access home dirs -- same as with thin clients.

This comment made me believe that LTSP in Debian Edu Wheezy used sshfs
to access user home directories, and that we no longer needed to add
diskless workstations to DNS and the workstation-hosts netgroup.

But I was wrong.  Our LTSP setup still uses NFSv4 to mount home
directories, and it is impossible to log in if the machine isn't
registered in GOSA and added to DNS, DHCP and the workstation-hosts

So I wonder, are you talking about some non-edu setup above, or is there
something wrong with my setup compared to your setup?  Perhaps we should
switch to sshfs in Debian Edu?

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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