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Re: pxeinstall fails if network card requires nonfree firmware

[Wolfgang Schweer]
> Well, it would work I suppose. But it was easier for me to use
> existing ltsp knowhow. In most cases only some firmware must be
> added. In that case the initrd will only be a bit bigger than
> before. (The packages get superfluously installed in the chroot but
> that should do no harm.)

Right.  I added a script based on your script as
share/debian-edu-config/tools/ltsp-addfirmware in svn, and will include
it in a future upload.  It should make it easier to add required
firmware to LTSP chroots.

We then have three firmware related scripts in svn:


The first looks in dmesg to see what firmware file the current computer
need and add the package from Debian if it exist.  The two others update
the LTSP initrd and the PXE installation initrd with all (or selected)
firmware packages.

Perhaps we should call auto-addfirmware during installation?  I am
reluctant to do so, as it will silently add an non-free APT source, and
I suspect using non-free software should be a decition left to the local
admin.  On the other hand, our DVD and CD images include all the
firmware packages and this firmware will be used automatically if it is
needed on the machine being installed.

I guess we should clean up the scripts and make them have consistent
behaviour, but that can wait for Wheezy, I believe.
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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