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Re: pxeinstall fails if network card requires nonfree firmware

[Wolfgang Schweer]
> Next week. I will also add a note for thin clients cause there's a
> similar problem.

Yeah. :(

Do not have a finished script to fix LTSP boot.

> It didn't until I changed it a bit.

Why these changes?

> -    debnames="$(apt-cache search ^firmware-.*|cut -d" " -f1)"
> +    debnames="$(apt-cache search ^firmware-.*|grep -v b43|cut -d" " -f1)"

Why do you need to drop the b43 firmware installer?

> -    apt-get --download-only install $debnames
> +    apt-get -d -y -qq install $debnames

Why do you need -qq?  Why change --download-only to -d?  Did you add
-y just for speed, or did the script not work without it?

> +	if [ "$name" != "firmware-linux" ]; then

Why do you need to ignore firmware-linux but not
firmware-linux-nonfree?  Why do you need to ignore firmware-linux?

> IIRC factor 2.5 for the new size of the initrds compared to the old
> one.  Installation would habe been successfull but I had to skip
> that due to a crap hd.

Good to hear. :)
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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