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Re: Bug#602863: from bind9 to powerdns and back to bind9


On 02/13/2011 04:17 PM, José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:

> #602863 is not important for us. Our servers still remain in lenny and
> our plans to move to squeeze (or wheeze) include the development of a
> lwat replacement. We need to develop it to fit our needs as we have to
> create accounts massively every beginning of the course using as source
> an external application where our ministry manages all the educational
> data for every citizen. So, neither gosa, cipux or lwat can fulfill our
> needs, and a custom development is the only solution I can see.

Or you can tell the CipUX Team (for example on cipux-devel ore here
) what you need, and we will see if we can provide it.


Kind Regards

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