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Bug#602863: from bind9 to powerdns and back to bind9


On Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011, José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:
> Having all the infraestructure and information stored in ldap is very
> safe when you have several thousands of ltsp servers and don't want to
> manually modify configuration files whenever a new server is placed or
> moved. More things are in ldap, less things we have to touch.

we'll keep having dns+dhcp information in ldap, we'll be using ldap2zone to 
write out the bind configuration into files.

this is done by an cronjob running hourly and can also be triggered manually 
by running ldap2bind.

> So, as we all use Debian and can touch everything, don't take this as a
> negative vote. We can do all the changes we need to adjust the
> installation to our setup.

thanks for this clarification! (and your general understanding/acceptiveness!)

> Currently we change some things, and in the future more changes will be
> needed, including removal of the debian-edu-config package.

No, that shouldn't be needed. We just changed the recommends from "pdns" 
to "bind9 | pnds" so if your packages depend on pdns, all is good.


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