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Bug#602863: from bind9 to powerdns and back to bind9


during the Debian Edu meeting here in Zweibrücken we discussed #602863 and how 
to solve it. I've asked about 15 people what they'd think about us previously 
using bind9 (until and including etch), then moving to powerdns (in lenny) 
and then switching back to bind9 in squeeze. Everybody except two people were 
_enthusiastic_ about the idea, one person wanted to stay neutral and one 
neither liked bind9 nor powerdns (and suggested dnsmasq which appearantly 
also has ldap support).

So we decided to switch back to bind9 to solve #602863.

And we still seek feedback and comments on this!

This was done in svn for the debian-edu and debian-edu-config packages in 

  * Switch from pdns to bind and ldap2zone.  This enables management of
    hosts with GOsa and has been done to enable further testing. Obviously
    it could be reverted and needs to be agreed on.  Also needs
    documentation if kept for the release. Add debian/TODO.Squeeze. 

debian/TODO.Squeeze is kept in debian-edu-config and reads:

* cf.pdns for pdns has been kept for easier reverting back to pdns.
  Or is this useful for users of pdns too (luis)?
  There were also thoughts about an install option (like gnome instead of kde)
  though this aint that easy probably, as it also involves the ldap ui...
* Some extra attributes (objectClass: domainRelatedObject i.e.
  associateddomain) in gosa-server.ldif have also been kept, they
  probably conflict with making additions/changes in GOsa and need to
  be removed if we want to keep bind.

Currently it seems we have broken the main server installation with this, we 
are working on fixing this, but due to traveling and the work week starting 
tomorrow this might take a few days. Stay tuned :-)


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