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Bug#602863: from bind9 to powerdns and back to bind9

El dom, 13-02-2011 a las 12:45 +0100, Holger Levsen escribió:
> Hi,
> during the Debian Edu meeting here in Zweibrücken we discussed #602863 and how 
> to solve it. I've asked about 15 people what they'd think about us previously 
> using bind9 (until and including etch), then moving to powerdns (in lenny) 
> and then switching back to bind9 in squeeze. Everybody except two people were 
> _enthusiastic_ about the idea, one person wanted to stay neutral and one 
> neither liked bind9 nor powerdns (and suggested dnsmasq which appearantly 
> also has ldap support).
> So we decided to switch back to bind9 to solve #602863.
> And we still seek feedback and comments on this!

Obviously, you're free to do it. From my point of view, these are not
good news.
In the future, in our schools we're not going to switch back to use
bind9 and will keep the current setup with pdns.
Having all the infraestructure and information stored in ldap is very
safe when you have several thousands of ltsp servers and don't want to
manually modify configuration files whenever a new server is placed or
moved. More things are in ldap, less things we have to touch.

#602863 is not important for us. Our servers still remain in lenny and
our plans to move to squeeze (or wheeze) include the development of a
lwat replacement. We need to develop it to fit our needs as we have to
create accounts massively every beginning of the course using as source
an external application where our ministry manages all the educational
data for every citizen. So, neither gosa, cipux or lwat can fulfill our
needs, and a custom development is the only solution I can see.

So, as we all use Debian and can touch everything, don't take this as a
negative vote. We can do all the changes we need to adjust the
installation to our setup. 
Currently we change some things, and in the future more changes will be
needed, including removal of the debian-edu-config package. 
Fortunately, our release cycle for the school servers setup is more than
two years, so we have time to adapt our setups.


> This was done in svn for the debian-edu and debian-edu-config packages in 
> r72928-72930:
>   * Switch from pdns to bind and ldap2zone.  This enables management of
>     hosts with GOsa and has been done to enable further testing. Obviously
>     it could be reverted and needs to be agreed on.  Also needs
>     documentation if kept for the release. Add debian/TODO.Squeeze. 
> debian/TODO.Squeeze is kept in debian-edu-config and reads:
> * cf.pdns for pdns has been kept for easier reverting back to pdns.
>   Or is this useful for users of pdns too (luis)?
>   There were also thoughts about an install option (like gnome instead of kde)
>   though this aint that easy probably, as it also involves the ldap ui...
> * Some extra attributes (objectClass: domainRelatedObject i.e.
>   associateddomain) in gosa-server.ldif have also been kept, they
>   probably conflict with making additions/changes in GOsa and need to
>   be removed if we want to keep bind.
> Currently it seems we have broken the main server installation with this, we 
> are working on fixing this, but due to traveling and the work week starting 
> tomorrow this might take a few days. Stay tuned :-)
> cheers,
> 	Holger

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