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Bug#613214: use libpam-krb5 for uidNumbers greater than 10000 only (as opposed to the default > 1000)

Hi Petter,

On So 13 Feb 2011 20:16:39 CET Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

As far as I can tell, it isn't in conflict, and everything is working
as documented.  The 500-1000 range is for local users, while 1000-> is
for global users.  For Skolelinux, these users are in LDAP, and
adduser should not be used without any extra arguments (or changed
configuration) to create local users.  In fact, I would recommend
against creating local users at all on machines with users in LDAP.

There are two system tools in Debian Edu that claim the same uidNumber range. That is indeed a conflict.

So what we can do is:

Option 1: Use LDAP in a way many others do (avoid the uidNumber range of the
distros local user scripts like useradd, adduser etc.

Option 2: Add one more hack into debian-edu-config for the adduser config that has to cross-referenced to #311188.

Please close this bug, I will file another bug against the adduser<->LDAP uidNumber range conflict (as we are absolutely off-topic already here).



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