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Re: install less software by default (Re: Which video editor should we install by default?

On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 12:49:18PM +0100, Holger Levsen wrote:
> I propose something like creating a education-videoeditor package (which 
> recommends our identified best of breed of videoeditors) and document this 
> well, but not install by default.
> Then schools wanting to do video-editing can install that package. 
> Same for other types of installations.
> This would make the default installation size smaller for everyone, the menus 
> will be less crowded and still used applications are easy to (add and) use 
> _if_ a school needs them.
> I dont think video-editing, sound-editing, PCB layouting, geography, learning 
> all languages, ..., are interesting for _all_ schools.
> My approach would still save them from evaluating applications (from ground 
> up, some evaluaion needs to be done anyway and still - always), while also 
> saving them from having apps installed they will never use.

this sounds promising to me, especially if there's a simple menu to select
additional categories of software as part of the install process.

the extremely slow installs due to mandatory huge sets of packages reduces my
productivity as a volunteer developer, and consequently has dramatically
reduced my involvement in debian-edu over the last year.

having spent 12 hours yesterday and still not getting to the point of being
able to test an issue, the vast majority of the time spent downloading and
installing a lot of applications unnecessary to test what i was working on...
developer time, energy and enthusiam does matter.

live well,

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