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workstation boots but can't find kstartupconfig and OpenDNS setup?

  I'm struggling a bit with setting things up and appreciate any help.
 I have a single skolelinux Tjener with default install as main server and LTSP 
server. I've added a single HP T5735 client machine at on "intern" and 
can get it to boot PXE. I can login and get a KDE desktop as a thinclient. When 
I try to boot as a workstation,  I get the name password graphical screen but 
when I log in to any of the user profiles I get "Could not start kstartupconfig. 
Check your installation"
Any suggestions?

  Also, how does one set up the caching DNS server to use openDNS ? Now that 
I've turned off the DHCP in DD-WRT (on a Linksys WRT54G-TM wireless router) any 
systems that come up and the Tjener at and the LTSP clients 
 can't access external sites. This also makes it hard to install packages or 
updates while setting up the system. I've read the manuals and looked around, 
but I would expect that typing in the two OpenDNS address would be easy and it 
doesn't seem to be.
  I am also interested in setting specific internet access policies for each 
user group, but first I'd like to get it working!
Thanks in advance for any suggestions,
David Goldstrom


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