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Re: install less software by default (Re: Which video editor should we install by default?


On Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> > But outside this set of "basic apps" there are more types of
> > applications, ie videoeditors, where IME there is no "best one to
> > pick". And this thread confirmed this.
> To me it did not confirm it, as you probably noticed, and I was able
> to update the set of packages installed based on it.

Actually this doesnt invalidate my point. I dont think the choice you made is 
the best one ;-) 

For squeeze though it probably is...

> To me we seem to have different approaches to the Debian Edu project.
> I believe we should continue as we always have done, and try to spend
> time within the project to save the schools and teachers time.  This
> mean we should evaluate all kind of applications that will or might be
> useful for schools and pick the best of breed within each category of
> applications. 

I agree with this.

Where our opinions differ, is what to do with this gathered information.

I propose something like creating a education-videoeditor package (which 
recommends our identified best of breed of videoeditors) and document this 
well, but not install by default.

Then schools wanting to do video-editing can install that package. 

Same for other types of installations.

This would make the default installation size smaller for everyone, the menus 
will be less crowded and still used applications are easy to (add and) use 
_if_ a school needs them.

I dont think video-editing, sound-editing, PCB layouting, geography, learning 
all languages, ..., are interesting for _all_ schools.

> To not try to select the best application
> to install by default is to do the schools a dis-service and force
> them to spend time evaluating available applications when they could
> have gotten away with any of them and our selected application.

My approach would still save them from evaluating applications (from ground 
up, some evaluaion needs to be done anyway and still - always), while also 
saving them from having apps installed they will never use.


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