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install less software by default (Re: Which video editor should we install by default?


On Montag, 20. Dezember 2010, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> > So I'd suggest to do something else: document how to edit videos,
> > starting with "if you want/need to edit videos, run 'apt-get install
> > kino kdenlive \ openmovieeditor pitivi' and give them a try to find
> > the tool which suits you best."
> >
> > The same is probably true for some other types of applications.
> You seem to argue against installing any applications by default.  Do
> I misunderstand you?

Yes, you misunderstood me. I've said "some other types of applications", 
not "any applications".

Of course we should pick one office suite, one webbrowser, one mail user 
agent, ... one basic set of apps.

But outside this set of "basic apps" there are more types of applications, ie 
videoeditors, where IME there is no "best one to pick". And this thread 
confirmed this.

Sound editors / creation tools are probably another category we might not 
install at all _as default_. I can perfectly well imagine institutions who 
never want to use sound editors as not being uncommon...

Maybe it would also be wise to not install IDEs and similar programming 
relating tools (as default). Not every school teaches IT.

Same with games. IMO we should not install (non educational) games by default. 
And also not all educational games neither.

Removing software from the default install has up+downsides. IMHO it seems 
like could deal with the disadvantages by better supporting installation of 
additional software (package sets).

But I'd also suggest to keep things for squeeze as they are.

> If the argument make sense, it make sense for all applications we
> install by default. 

No, (why) do you think every argument must make sense for all apps or none?


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