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Re: install less software by default (Re: Which video editor should we install by default?

[Holger Levsen]
> Yes, you misunderstood me. I've said "some other types of
> applications", not "any applications".


> But outside this set of "basic apps" there are more types of
> applications, ie videoeditors, where IME there is no "best one to
> pick". And this thread confirmed this.

To me it did not confirm it, as you probably noticed, and I was able
to update the set of packages installed based on it.

To me we seem to have different approaches to the Debian Edu project.
I believe we should continue as we always have done, and try to spend
time within the project to save the schools and teachers time.  This
mean we should evaluate all kind of applications that will or might be
useful for schools and pick the best of breed within each category of
applications.  We have always tried to do this, and I believe we
should continue to do this.  To not try to select the best application
to install by default is to do the schools a dis-service and force
them to spend time evaluating available applications when they could
have gotten away with any of them and our selected application.

You seem to argue for the project to drop this goal, and only provide
the platform for schools to pick whatever they want to install on top
of.  I fail to see the use of this approach for Debian Edu, as there
is already several platform for those schools that want to follow this
approach.  One such platform is Debian, another is Ubuntu, a third is
Fedora, a forth is OpenSUSE.

Debian Edu is and has always tried to be different from these generic
platforms, by saving time in schools by making decisions for the
schools.  As these decisions are never set in stone, schools that want
it has always been able to revert them, but those schools that do not
want to spend time on evaluation all the options have been able to get
by with the choices we made for them.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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