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Re: Which video editor should we install by default?

Based on the feedback on this list I have changed the default video
players installed from kino and kdenlive to openshot and kdenlive.

It was done by commiting this change to the task file:

Index: tasks/desktop-other
--- tasks/desktop-other (revision 72152)
+++ tasks/desktop-other (working copy)
@@ -313,9 +313,9 @@
 Responsible: ?
 NeedConfig:  no

-Depends:     kino, stopmotion
-Recommends:  vgrabbj, dvgrab, ffmpeg, kdenlive
-Suggests:    openshot, pitivi, xine-ui, libdvdcss2, ogle-gui, openmovieeditor
+Depends:     openshot, kdenlive, stopmotion
+Recommends:  vgrabbj, dvgrab, ffmpeg
+Suggests:    kino, pitivi, xine-ui, libdvdcss2, ogle-gui, openmovieeditor
 Why:         Various tv/video players and recorders.
 Responsible: Petter Reinholdtsen
 NeedConfig:  ?

I also had a look at the popularity-contest numbers from
<URL: http://popcon.skolelinux.org/>:

% egrep 'kino|kdenlive|openshot|pitivi|openmovieeditor|avidemux' sort-by-popcon-squeeze-test-dvd.txt
 38.6   5.8 kino
 22.5   0.8 kdenlive
 12.7   0.8 openmovieeditor                     (notoncd) (notwanted)
  0.1   0.1 openshot                            (notoncd) (notwanted)
 22.4   0.0 kdenlive-data                                 (notwanted)
  1.1   0.0 pitivi                              (notoncd) (notwanted)
  0.9   0.0 avidemux                            (notoncd) (notwanted)
  0.9   0.0 avidemux-common                     (notoncd) (notwanted)
  0.1   0.0 avidemux-plugins                    (notoncd) (notwanted)
  0.1   0.0 kino-brightness-contrast-plugin     (notoncd) (notwanted)
  0.1   0.0 kino-hsv-color-space-plugin         (notoncd) (notwanted)
  0.1   0.0 openshot-doc                        (notoncd) (notwanted)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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