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Re: Which video editor should we install by default?

14/12/2010 13:09, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Which video editor should we install by default in Debian Edu?  The
> options seem to be kino, kdenlive, openmovieeditor and pitivi.  Did I
> miss any useful alternative currently in Squeeze?
> Anyone have any opinions on how we should select the one to install by
> default?  At the moment we install several, and I believe we should
> reduce it to only one.
> Personally, I liked the fact that pitivi was able to use a Ogg Theora
> video directly (it can use any video handled by gstreamer).  This was
> very nice after experiencing that kino is only able to handle DV
> files.  No not know what formats the other tools handle.
> Cc to a few of the users mailing lists, in case anyone there have an
> opinion. Please follow up to debian-edu@.
> Happy hacking,

Hi, in my experience kdenlive and openshot are the way to go, I can't
comment on pitivi since I didn't use it for a while. If you don't know
openshot it's definitely worth a try.

All the best.

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