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Re: Which video editor should we install by default?

El mar, 14-12-2010 a las 21:04 +0100, Jonas Smedegaard escribió:
> On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 05:10:52PM +0100, idiotein30@gmail.com wrote:
> >I don't experience any of the issues discussed in the bugs, and I use 
> >debian-multimedia. I use the Sid version though (1.2.2-1). Some bug 
> >reports mention Ubuntu packages, another a mlt version compiled against 
> >a non-standard python version...
> >
> >I used it this afternoon (Oslo time) to edit three rushes (1280x700,
> >about 400Mo each, .mov) and stitch them together, with transitions, and
> >I didn't experience any problem. I do have a fairly long wish-list for
> >Openshot but no problem with it lately.
> Please consider post your positive experiences at those bugreports.  It 
> could help avoid scaring off other potential users as it seemed to do to 
> Petter - and can also help remind the package maintainer to revisit them 
> and perhaps close them if agreeing they are no longer relevant.
> I didn't do that as I don't currently use the app (just quickly tried to 
> open it and it didn't crash on me right away).

About a year ago (around Nov 2009) openshot was very unstable, but in
the last ten months it has improved a lot stabilizing its UI and now it
is as stable as kdenlive. Both use the same library to do the video
manipulation (http://packages.debian.org/source/sid/mlt), so both have
the same power and almost the same features . It's a matter of the mlt
frontend you prefer: "a la kde" or "a la gnome".

Boths applications are as stable as the mlt framework is.

I don't use those apps, but the feedback of my teachers is that a year
ago they prefered kdenlive and now they prefer openshot. A year ago
openshot crashed often, and now it doesn't and has an easier interface
for them. So I'm happily sponsoring openshot in Debian.

I think both should be in kde edu, for this reason. Kde users will feel
more confortable with kdenlive while gnome users will feel the same with
Other options as cinelerra or blender are too much for usual educative
uses (excepting vocational teaching), and kino, pitivi or
openmovieeditor far from kdenlive and openshot power and easy of use.

José L.

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