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Re: stupid mistake. what should I do?

Oded Naveh wrote:

Perhaps the best thing for you would be to restore from back up?
But how can I restore when half the machine is lenny? You mean clean install then restore?

Surely you know best what's right for you.
I wish.
What I have done so far is set up two new tjeners, one etch and one lenny. Then I have copied a good /etc from backup onto each (into root's home) along with an ldif from slapcat on the running tjener. I know I can rsync home0, but haven't done it yet.

I decided to try ldap first, and now I have fallen at the first hurdle.
ldapadd is failing with authorisation errors on both machines, even with -x -Z switches.

slapadd is seemingly not finding slapd.conf on etch, then with -f /etc/ldap/slapd.conf it is hanging. I overwrote /etc/ldap with the one from backup, but it didn't help.

on lenny slapadd is telling me there is an unknown directive <dn:>

Since I am a white-belt in ldap, this has taken me several hours already, and Google hasn't been telling me anything that works. So I've given up for this week! Back to teaching and fingers crossed that the power will stay on.

If anyone has some ldap commands that will work, or some confs that will let etch ldif onto lenny, please share with me! Is there a way to just tranfer the whole ldap database (to etch) without using ldif?


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