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Re: stupid mistake. what should I do?

On Friday 18 September 2009 03:22:07 nigel barker wrote:
> Oded Naveh wrote:
> > Hi Nigel,
> > Migrating DHCP configurations and users for Samba would involve similar
> > procedures to upgrading a running server.
> > I believe it would be for common good if you try to complete the upgrade
> > on your partially upgraded server with the instructions given in the
> > documentation:
> While I can see the usefulness of trying the upgrade, my school can't
> function without tjener. So I need to be able to switch back. If for
> example I can't get a new one working this weekend, then the old one
> will be on next week until I get another shot. In fact I'm even
> considering another etch tjener as a stop-gap to rescue me from this
> precarious situation.

Well when using 'common good' I meant your good first with some added value, 
if it's not good for you than the good is not common. :-)

My belief that this is a good path to take is based on the fact that this path 
is documented in (excessive?) detail, and on the estimation that it should 
only take a few minutes to get the server running and up to couple of hours 
to get it fully upgraded, depending on your agility.

Indeed this path is not thoroughly tested to become a beaten track and some 
problems may be unrevealed yet, but installing fresh, even Etch, would still 
require migrating configurations or recreating them from scratch.

Perhaps the best thing for you would be to restore from back up?
Surely you know best what's right for you.

Wish you success, Odd.

p.s. Sorry is not in place :-)

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