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Re: Program Launcher of Sidux-Edu

Dear Jonas,

thank you for your reply. 

Am Freitag 04 Juli 2008 schrieb Jonas Smedegaard:

> There is a huge difference between what makes sense as a distribution
> and what makes sense as a system administrator.

This is a wise conslusion, yes. And there is yet a difference between 
what desktop I want to present to "my" pupils - and what might be 
demanded by schools in general.

> If you (be it either "Ralf and his school" or "Debian Edu") decide to
> "run ahead" and attempt doing more bleeding edge releases than the
> slow and boring Debian ones, then feel free to do so.

First of all: I'd never regard Debian to be boring; I use it myself 
(however mostly its unstable and experimental branch). 

Looking back to my first installation (2.0-pre) might be a good example 
for the point of view of a local administrator: Skolelinux 1.0 was 
quite ancient two years ago (KDE 2.x), but Skolelinux 2.0 was not yet 
released. Usually, our images are not updated within 1-2 years. Hence, 
using "too stable" desktops would bring you to a situation where your 
system is 3-4 years old.

From the point of Debian Edu as distribution, it appears desirable that 
in cases where a sysadmin makes a decision for a more recent system, he 
has a chance to stick to Debian (actually I think it is possible to get 
a install CD of Debian Sid?). This gives us a chance to get feedbacks 
in advance for our next release.

So maybe I should just ask, where to get the most recent builds for 
lenny - and if there are any test reports available yet. Sorry if I 
failed to follow any news - only recently I have some spare time 
(called holidays).

Thanks for reading.
Kind regards

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