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Re: Program Launcher of Sidux-Edu

Am Mittwoch 02 Juli 2008 schrieb Andreas Tille:
>  I'm personally reluctant about everything that wants to be
> even cooler than Debian and at the same time refusing to cooperate
> with Debian.

Dear Andreas, dear List,

in general and in theoriy, I absolutely agree, that Debian is the way to 
go. Especially in server settings, a stable release with long term 
support as known from Debian is of great value and importance.

On the other hand, if you browse the entries of schools using 
Skolelinux, you will find an increasing amount of settings with foreign 
distros on their workstations. This is also stressed by emerging howtos 
like http://developer.skolelinux.no/~ozmund/slxubuntu.html or

Now, why is this? In my school, the desktop installation has proven 
quite stable regarding versions:
- the terminal room runs a Skolelinux 2.0 (Sarge) + Backports (KDE 3.5)
- another room (to be updated these weeks) features workstations with
  a slightly tuned pre-version of Skolelinux 2.0 (KDE 3.3. OOo 1.4).

Besides stability and support, workstations must compete with commercial 
desktops, hence I would be very happy if Debian or at least the CDD 
project provided a more frequent desktop release that comes without 
long time support, but with fresher software. 

Maybe we can stick to stable releases of Debian, if our server 
infrastructure including LTSP and diskless clients supported a rollout 
of (thin/lowfat/fat) clients based on Debian testing.

On the other hand, our policy has always been to provide integration for 
foreign systems (samba + nfs) - so why worry if people ask for support 
of *buntu or Sidux instead of Redmond's OSs?

What do you think?


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