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Re: Program Launcher of Sidux-Edu

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On Fri, Jul 04, 2008 at 03:53:36PM +0200, RalfGesellensetter wrote:
>Am Mittwoch 02 Juli 2008 schrieb Andreas Tille:
>>  I'm personally reluctant about everything that wants to be even 
>> cooler than Debian and at the same time refusing to cooperate with 
>> Debian.

>In my school, the desktop installation has proven quite stable 
>regarding versions:
>- the terminal room runs a Skolelinux 2.0 (Sarge) + Backports (KDE 
>  3.5)
>- another room (to be updated these weeks) features workstations 
>  with a slightly tuned pre-version of Skolelinux 2.0 (KDE 3.3. OOo 
>  1.4).

...and your setup is _unique_!  Meaning that only you, and whoever 
invest time in getting to know your unique choices, tweaks and tricks, 
can maintain that particular system of yours.

Which is fine with me.  I do the same myself all the time.  I just 
wouldn't propose Debian Edu or Debian as distributors to work that way. 
Which is also how I interpret Andreas' reluctancy.

There is a huge difference between what makes sense as a distribution 
and what makes sense as a system administrator.

It simply does not make sense for a distribution to mix'n'match.  It 
does not scale!

>I would be very happy if Debian or at least the CDD project provided a 
>more frequent desktop release that comes without long time support, but 
>with fresher software.

(CDD *is* Debian, so no need to distinguish between them here, really!)

That might happen some day.  If it does, it will be when Debian feels it 
is possible to do without loosing on stability or maintainability.

If you (be it either "Ralf and his school" or "Debian Edu") decide to 
"run ahead" and attempt doing more bleeding edge releases than the slow 
and boring Debian ones, then feel free to do so.  Just don't expect it 
to be as stable and reliable.  Expect it to be "testing" :-)

>Maybe we can stick to stable releases of Debian, if our server 
>infrastructure including LTSP and diskless clients supported a rollout 
>of (thin/lowfat/fat) clients based on Debian testing.

I expect that to be possible today.  Just change some APT lines, and off 
you go with a mix'n'match of stable and testing.

Good luck trying that.

No, I do not recommend to promote that as a distribution!  Do it only as 
a system administrator - where you get to keep the (possibly broken) 
pieces yourself, rather than expose them to others, less knowledgeable 
about the consequences of such experiments.

>On the other hand, our policy has always been to provide integration 
>for foreign systems (samba + nfs) - so why worry if people ask for 
>support of *buntu or Sidux instead of Redmond's OSs?

We sure do. And we do not disallow you to mess with the setup of your 

We just don't _support_ weird combinations of stable and testing, that's 

  - Jonas

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