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Re: Desktop profiles

Am Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2008 14:06:09 schrieb José L. Redrejo Rodríguez:
> No file is copied or modified in the user  home directory in no case. As
> I said before, once the user gconf database is created there is (almost)
> no way to automatically change the user appearance. It can be done, but
> it's not very ellegant or clean, so I would not do it, even if it could
> be activated with some global file setting.

Hi José,

this reminds me very much to a  monolithic "Registry" database.
In KDE, most applications create their own .config folder - and read defaults 
from /etc/config at first start per user.

However, I experience increasingly cases where I have to delete ~/.gconf 
because otherwise the user is thrown out of KDE right away!

Likewise (but this is another issue), users are losing their applets in Kicker 
(like clock, window bar) from time to time due to concurrent versions of KDE.
(or is it the Kiosk mode?).

I do know these are rather associations that will not settle your question.

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