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Desktop profiles

Hi all,
as most of you already know, I'm working in the merging of Linex with
Debian Edu. LinEx has used Gnome for all his life, so I'm working on the
possible Gnome desktop customizations. My intention is making kde &
gnome desktops as similar as possible (that was one of the guidelines I
followed with the education-menus package too). 
Looking at the way this is done with kde currently I've seen that the
artwork is applied to all the users of the system (I have also some
doubts about the way it's done, as it doesn't seem to by very clean
under the Debian policy eye).
To put Gnome config into debian-edu-artwork now I have two options:
- using desktop-profiles it will be applied to every  new user under the
teachers or students groups
- withoug desktop-profiles it will be applied to every new user in the

Notice that in both cases, it will not modify the created profiles. So,
if some gnome user installs debianedu-artwork package he won't notice
any change.

Both options are mostly equally technically:
- For every new user, desktop-profiles won't need to be a dependency of
the package, and all the new users will notice they are using Debian
Edu. This is the way KDE works currently in Debian Edu. Also, gdm
configuration will be always visible for every user.
- For students and teachers might make more sense, but it would require
to add the users to these groups before their first login and adding a
dependency on desktop-profiles to the package. Also, choosing this
option would make logical to do the same with KDE.

I vote for option 1 (for every  new user in the debian-edu pc), but I'm
not really sure of it, so I'd like to hear more opinions before
commiting the needed changes.

José L.

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