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stable-update-proposal: debian-edu-doc

Ref item 9 on <URL:http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting/20070813>,
here is a update proposal for the stable release.

I propose to update the version of debian-edu-doc in the stable repository 
from 0.6.20070721 to 0.9.20071122.

Note to translators: please keep on rocking. If you contribute new translated 
strings, I'm more than happy to build a new package, upload it and request 
it's inclusion. From now on, it's only string changes. (For r1.)

This update brings a greatly improved release-manual, especially the updates 
to the GettingStarted and Maintainance chapters are worth noting. The HTML 
and the PDF now include the images too and inner document links are working. 
It also includes a new italian translation, plus updated norwegian and german 
translations, the norwegian even with localized images. The ITIL document is 
now also shipped as HTML document. All documents are build from source now, 
the build system has been rewritten, all generated documents have been 
removed from source package. The IKT book, the arkitektur and kurs document 
have been removed, as they needed non-free software to build

I will not include the debdiff output between the two source packages: the 
source package of 0.6.20070721 is 18.8M big, while the source package of 
0.9.20071122 is only 3.5M. I suggest you look at the debdiff of the binary 
packages, the changelog diff, as well at the filelist of the binary package 
of the new version. 

After all, it's all only documentation, no maintainer scripts, nothing 
outside /usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc/.

We'll get one problem though: the size of the binary package has been 
increased from 6.4M to 16M, so there will be some packages that were on the 
etch r0 DVD, which will not make it on the r1 DVD. This needs to be reviewed 
and checked if it's ok.


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