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Re: removal of ikt book, arkitektur and kurs document from d-e-doc

Hi Ralf,

On Thursday 22 November 2007 20:52, RalfGesellensetter wrote:
> a mere thought: is it possible and does it make sense to
> keep any po files or other types of translation mapping from the ikt
> book (just the data)?

It's not really possible and it doesnt really make sense. Babelfish (or word 
by word) translations are not the quality we want.

And/but: we do keep the data. It's still in svn and available via a webserver. 

Which is handy for translating the architecture chapter of the 
release-manual - as this hasn't changed much to the old version in svn. This 
is the only place where copy+pasting the translation might make sense. (Maybe 
just retranslating is faster, it's not that long.)

BTW, I'm currently uploading to debian and debian-edu.

And, btw2, there is one problem left with the ITIL documentation, which we 
ship as part of the debian-edu-doc package: the images are lost. (Also in the 
source on the wiki.) Does anybody still have those images?

BTW3, the source package is now only 3.5mb, the binary 16M.


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