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stable-update-proposal: debian-edu-doc

Ref item 9 on <URL:http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting/20070813>,
here is a update proposal for the stable release.

I propose to update the version of debian-edu-doc in the stable repository 
from 0.6.20070724 to 0.9.20071128.

Note to translators: please keep on rocking. If you contribute new translated 
strings, I'm more than happy to build a new package, upload it and request 
it's inclusion. From now on, it's only string changes, so the package size 
will not change substancially (for r1), unless further images are added.

This update brings a further improved release-manual (describing a workaround 
for #1270), updated norwegian and german translations of the release manual, 
the german version now also has some localized images. Additionally a bug has 
been fixed, so that these localized images are present in the PDF if 
available, if not the english images are used.

I will not include the debdiff output between the two source packages: the 
source tar.gz of 0.6.20070724 is 3611638 bytes, while the source tar.gz of 
0.9.20071128 is only 4448157 bytes (which can be explained by the localized 
german images). The binary packages has grown from 16254938 bytes to 17014038 

I suggest you look at the debdiff of the binary packages, the changelog diff, 
as well at the filelist of the binary package of the new version. 

$ debdiff debian-edu-doc_0.9.20071124.dsc  debian-edu-doc_0.9.20071128.dsc |
 debian/changelog                                  |   21 
 debian/rules                                      |   16 
 documentation/release-manual/Makefile             |    9 
 documentation/release-manual/release-manual.de.po | 1653 
 documentation/release-manual/release-manual.es.po | 1493 +++++++++++--------
 documentation/release-manual/release-manual.it.po | 1523 +++++++++++--------
 documentation/release-manual/release-manual.nb.po | 1710 
 documentation/release-manual/release-manual.pot   | 1417 ++++++++++--------
 documentation/release-manual/release-manual.xml   |  199 ++
 todo                                              |    3 
 10 files changed, 4819 insertions(+), 3225 deletions(-)

After all, it's all only documentation, no maintainer scripts, nothing 
outside /usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc/.


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