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debian-edu-doc_0.9.20071122_i386.changes is NEW

(new) debian-edu-doc_0.9.20071122.dsc optional doc
(new) debian-edu-doc_0.9.20071122.tar.gz optional doc
(new) debian-edu-doc_0.9.20071122_all.deb optional doc
Documentation from the debian-edu project
 All documentation for the debian-edu / Skolelinux project is supposed to be
 in this package.
Changes: debian-edu-doc (0.9.20071122) unstable; urgency=low
  * remove build-depends on tth, which is non-free, which is only used by the
    obsolete IKT book and the obsolete arkitektur document
  * remove IKT book
  * remove arkitektur document (standalone version, it's still included in the
  * remove kurs document
  * update README and copyright to reflect this
  * release-manual:
    * updated source from the wiki
    * add -o tags="<listitem> <emphasis>" to po4a calls, to include all listitems
      and emphasis tags into the pot file, thanks to Nicolas François
    * updated german translation, thanks to Jürgen Leibner
    * fix bug that prevented non-localized images from being linked properly

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