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Re: New gen-control for Debian-Edu

On Tue, 14 Aug 2007, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

Done.  Will take effect in a few hours.

Commited (Revision 37848).

Yes. :)

We switched to a tasksel based installation because it will not fail
if one of the packages are missing, and it has the concept of core
packages and support packages (which we are not yet using, but we
might one day).  Also, it mean that our tasks show up in tasksel if
the user want to install that way.

Well, in fact Debian-Edu people have much more experience with
large scale installation of larger package sets and I just trust
you about the sense of tasksel.  So if you have good experiences
we should support this in a general tool - that's simply the
sense of CDD toolkit.

The historical reasons were that these packages should be updated with
different frequencies, and the config package is particularly hard to
upgrade so it would be best to upgrade the easy parts without
affecting the hard package.  In time, as we moved towards preseeding
and away from editing a lot of files, it has become easier and easier
to upgrade debian-edu-config, so the argument is less strong today.
But there are still files in the -config package that we should not
change and expect upgrades to work. :)

Well, that's no clear "yes or no" to ma question.  I will perhaps
do some meditation about how far we might be able to reach a unification
that would basically be a split Debian-Edu specific data from the
code that could be unique for all CDDs and whether this might be
done in one or two source packages (I'd prefer one, but I have to
make up my mind; Petter what's your opinion if you wear your GIS hat?).

Kind regards



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