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Re: New gen-control for Debian-Edu

On Mon, 13 Aug 2007, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

Right.  You need to be a project member.  Should I add you to the
debian-edu alioth project?

This would be nice.

Yes.  The education-common metapackage is the equvalent of the
education-common tasksel task, and it is pulled in by all profiles
availabe for installation by the Debian Edu installer.  See
interdepend.dot for the dotty graph of the dependencies.

education-tasks is the package containing the tasksel data file to
allow it to install our tasks.

In the CDD context this currently is not yet implemented at all -
but this should be changed because there is obviousely at least
one CDD that makes heavy use of it. :)

In the context of CDD the <CDD>-common package is a special one
which seems to be the case rather for education-tasks.

Actually, the config stuff in debian-edu is in a completely different
package.  If I got it right, the <CDD>-common package contain config
and menu overrides, while in Debian Edu, that is done by the
debian-edu-config package.

Ahhh, but this is builded from a different source package.  I would not
really mind to change the name from <CDD>-common to <CDD>-config
to make the usage unique and adding <CDD>-tasks seems to be a
reasonable thing anyway.  But what is the rationale behind using a
different source package?

Kind regards



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