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Re: request for new debian-edu-announce@lists.debian.org ML

How about starting a mailing list for debian-edu-announce@l.d.o. mailing list. This would help us lovers of skolelinux ( debian-edu) lovers to keep track of each new developements/announcements. I understand that you need  volunteers to maintain the same. I may volunteer myself. But may consider  the proposal  by Steffen Joeris first. Thank you.

On 14/08/07, Steffen Joeris <steffen.joeris@skolelinux.de> wrote:

On Tue, 14 Aug 2007 05:22:58 pm you wrote:
> Hi
> Hats of for a positive idea and expressing the same. It would greatly help
> the debian-edu lovers to keep track of all developments and announcements.
> I whole-heartedly support your proposal. Thank you.
> Ragpicker
Thanks for your feedback. Could you maybe send it to
debian-edu@lists.debian.org as well, so that others know about your positive


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