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Re: Possibility to add gwenview, krita, kdict, and enable Java in browsers?

El mié, 11-07-2007 a las 14:09 +0100, Gavin McCullagh escribió:
> Hi,
> On Wed, 11 Jul 2007, José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:
> > > Actually that was Petter and mine objection at the Edubuntu gathering in 
> > > London summer of 2005. One of the Edubuntu developers said every 
> > > edu-application should be gnome-based. We objected saying that every 
> > > application should be included for its educational merit, disregarding which 
> > > developer environment used to make that application. Richard Weideman has 
> > > pointed at the same. He is Education Programme Manager at Canonical: 
> > That's a non-sense. First we are thinking in our students education. I'm
> > a gnome user and will never understand that way of thinking. Probably
> > the will include java apps and not kde apps. I think we should include
> > the best apps for every target.
> I wasn't in London, so I can't comment on what was said there.
> However, in their defense, I don't think the broad argument was "we can't
> have kde apps" but more like "we'd really prefer to have gnome versions of
> the apps".  My understanding was that the reasons were purely technical --
> having chosen gnome as their desktop, the cost of adding KDE apps was large
> on the CDROM and on hard disks due to the added weight of KDE libraries.

Nowadays using dvd to deliver it souldn't be an issue.

> You also tend to have slower start-up times and greater RAM footprints when
> you mix the two environments.

That's totally right, and I'm afraid there is no solution for it.

> As far as I'm aware, every version of edubuntu so far has included the KDE
> Education apps as like you, they are thinking of the students' education
> first.
> There was talk for a time initially of trying to clone the KDE apps in
> GNOME and later of trying to collaboratively port the KDE apps to GNOME
> though sadly I'm not aware of any noticeable progress on either.  A similar
> project exists with openoffice.  I think it would be great if you could run
> lots of educational (and other) apps using either toolkit but perhaps there
> are better value ways to spend efforts.

That's one of the reasons I'm promoting the use of gambas
(http://gambas.sf.net) between the teachers in Extremadura, whenever
they ask me a programming language to learn. Just clicking a checkbox
the same source code become a native gtk or native qt app. That's
something people who spend efforts and money in creating new educative
applications should consider.

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