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Possibility to add gwenview, krita, kdict, and enable Java in browsers?

I took a brief look at the new menues in Skolelinux. Several menues are 
improved. Espesially educational and graphical stuff. Also the 
additional games are good. 

* I got some additional suggestions: 

Imageviewer and simplified image editor: I suggest that we add a simple 
image viewer in additional to the built in one in konqueror file 
browser. Krita is also a good image editor simpler than Gimp. I sugest 
that for kids in lower grades. 

Simulation: I know that etoys with squeak is popular and has some 
license restrictions. 

Integrated dictionary which gives suggestions, not error messages: We 
could consider including kdict that also goot a nifty toolbar search 
option instead of, or in addition to gnome-dictionary. kdict gives 
suggestions of words from different dictionary sources where 
gnome-dictornary gives an error message. 

Java does not work in Iceweasel or konqueror ...

music: Amarok is just a killer apps when it comes to mp3 music. We 
should put it in. 

some games best left out: I don't know why we should include blackjack 
card game in the games menue. What would parens say if we 
promote "money" games in primary schools?

Best regards

Knut Yrvin

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