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Re: Possibility to add gwenview, krita, kdict, and enable Java in browsers?

El mié, 11-07-2007 a las 13:37 +0200, Knut Yrvin escribió:
> [José L. Redrejo Rodríguez]
> > I don't remember if at IRC or via email I suggest that in a kde profile
> > it should be kdegames|gnome-games not gnome-games. Gnome-games is there
> > as it was before in education-logic-games (even in sarge it's in that
> > pacakage). 
> [Knut Yrvin]
> My apologies. Sorry for keeping you responsible for this, that you were not!

bah, partially I was responsible as I ask Petter to include all the
educative metapackages in the non-server profiles, that's why
education-logic-games with gnome-games appeared in your desktop.

> > In fact I'm  not in favour of adding any kind of games unless 
> > they have a strong educative part (as gnuchess or similar). I don't like
> > kdegames nor gnome-games as they mix logical games with some not very
> > right games for schools.
> Thank you for making this clear. I think that my inncorrect suggestion brought 
> up good requirement, focusing on educational needs. If a game don't 
> introduces pedagogic value, it should be optionall. Then we can put card 
> games as poker and blackjack distributed, but not installed from the DVD. 

Maybe you remember the special desktop we prepared for primary schools.
There are games in that desktop, but because public schools in
Extremadura are used in the afternoon for extra-scholar activities that
include using games. For secondary we removed all the games except a
very nice chess training course a teacher has packaged.

> Actually that was Petter and mine objection at the Edubuntu gathering in 
> London summer of 2005. One of the Edubuntu developers said every 
> edu-application should be gnome-based. We objected saying that every 
> application should be included for its educational merit, disregarding which 
> developer environment used to make that application. Richard Weideman has 
> pointed at the same. He is Education Programme Manager at Canonical: 
> http://osdir.com/ml/linux.ubuntu.devel.edubuntu/2006-07/msg00048.html

That's a non-sense. First we are thinking in our students education. I'm
a gnome user and will never understand that way of thinking. Probably
the will include java apps and not kde apps. I think we should include
the best apps for every target.

> There are an objection against blending educational programs made with 
> different libraries thou. When running KDE apps on Gnome they stands out Jono 
> Bacon says. He is Community Manager for Ubuntu. 
> I think the Portland initiative from Linux Foundation solves most of 
> the "standing out" issue. New versions of different developer libraries now 
> inherent native look and feel from different desktops. If next version of 
> Skolelinux introduces KDE4 apps and next version of Gnome, decoration and 
> behavioural issues will be fixed. 

I'm not very confidence about it. Portland will made a better
integration, copy & paste, appearance, etc. While we keep on using
dynamic libraries, starting a gnome app on kde will take some nasty
time, like starting a kde app on gnome. That can not be fixed unless you
compile statically.

> I see that Petter has put things in motion: 
> [Petter Reinholdtsen]
> > The individual games we want from these metapackages
> > should be listed specificly in the relevant task.

I do agree, and it's possible with kdegames as it is a metapackage, so
you can choose (my votes go for katomic, kblackbox, kenolaba,
kjumpingcube, kwin4, ktuberling, ksokoban, kshisen, kreversi and
kmahjongg)  . It's not possible with gnome-games as that package
includes every executable file. A real pity, there are some good logical
ones with good graphics.

José L.

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