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Re: Possibility to add gwenview, krita, kdict, and enable Java in browsers?

El mié, 11-07-2007 a las 11:46 +0200, Knut Yrvin escribió:
> Onsdag 11 juli 2007 08:48, skrev Petter Reinholdtsen:
> > It is getting late for these kind of last time changes.  Not sure if
> > we can fix and test them all im time.
> I see this as a consequence of good and late commits from José at LinEx. 
> Just going through the new additions seeing if there are some obvious 
> things that should be included (not obmitted). 

I don't remember if at IRC or via email I suggest that in a kde profile
it should be kdegames|gnome-games not gnome-games. Gnome-games is there
as it was before in education-logic-games (even in sarge it's in that
pacakage). In fact I'm  not in favour of adding any kind of games unless
they have a strong educative part (as gnuchess or similar). I don't like
kdegames nor gnome-games as they mix logical games with some not very
right games for schools.
José L.

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