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Re: some minor checks

[José L. Redrejo Rodríguez]
> ok, I apologize

No need to appologize.  It made me aware that the gnash packages were
still listed as depends and recommends in the tasks, and this should
not be the case after we decided to not include them in the release.
Changed them all to suggests.  Thanks for the heads-up.

>> No idea about these.  I have nothing against us installing them by
>> default, as long as we adjust partition sizes accordingly.  I propose
>> we add the gtk stuff to the standalone (and also the workstation)
>> task.  Any objections?
> It's less than 4 Mb installed on the disk (1085 Kb in packages), do you
> think you should change partition sizes only for that?

Not sure, but suspect not.  We will have to install and check.  I've
added them as recommended packages, and will upload a new task package
with this change in place soon.

> Most of the problems are due to upstream or package maintainers for
> these applications that don't care about freedesktop.org. Tomorrow,
> I'll begin to report bugs against those applications in Debian BTS.


> For the release I think we can not do anything, unless you want to
> dare to make the changes we do in linex, changing *.destkops through
> diversion. But, in my opinion, it's late for that, doing it would
> require changes in the metapackages and some time to test it.

I agree that it is too late for this now.  Perhaps for the next
release. :)

> You're right again, now it works, but I didn't know that would affect
> even to the root user.

Good to hear it is working for you now.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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