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Re: rc4 test (was: summary from the irc meeting 2007-07-09)

[Knut Yrvin]
> I was so eager to get the standalone installed on a machine that
> seemed to be broke. After logging in the machine freezes after 30-60
> seconds. It got a old Matrox graphics chip using a mga driver.

If the machine is broken, I suspect Debian Edu is not going to work
properly. :)

> I was able to do a note on diskspace used when doing an automatic disk 
> partitioning on the 20GB disk on my test machine. ~5 GB went to '/' and 0.5 
> went to swap, the rest to '/home'.

Right.  I suspect 5 GiB is too small for /.  Not sure how much is
needed these days, but will try to figure it out.

> 20 MB disk. 
> When doing a qemu test with 6 GB virtual disk space the installation breaks. 
> Increasing virtual diskspace to 10 GB it works. The days when installing 
> Skolelinux on 2GB HD workstations are over. 

Yes.  Adding the last set of packages increased the disk space
requirement with almost 1 GiB.  We should recommend a minimum disk
size of 8 or 10 GiB.  I suspect it is better to pick 10 GiB, to avoid
disappointed users.  The hard limit differ between profiles, and I
suggest we just pick a number a bit higher than the biggest of the

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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