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Re: Simplifying skolelinux.org as a showcase

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Knut Yrvin]
>>Maby because I had my first real Holiday in five years from the
>>February the 20th and to 27th. I left my computer at home, and
>>turned of my mobile phone.
> It is unlikely that one week of vacation can account for you missing
> out on the discussion that has been taking place on this list during
> the last 12 months.

I Agree

> It seem to me that the train for the web site already left the
> station.  The plone system actually made it to the railway station
> early, but managed to get locked into a closet by the janitor and was
> unable to get out of there because the janitor was busy elsewhere.
> When the train was getting ready to go, the janitor had forgotten or
> given up the plone system and was with eZ system at home helping eZ
> systems plan what to pack for the journey.  And at this point in time,
> the train left the station, packed with wiki pages and users, while
> plone still is locked in, and eZ systems did not even make it to the
> station as it is still planning.  The do-o-cracy at work. :)

I Agree

> Your mockup looks nice.  Can you implement it in the moinmoin wiki?

I Agree

Finn-Arne Johansen
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