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Re: About #974 (Set mode for /dev/dsp to 0666)

Am Sonntag, 12. März 2006 22:39 schrieb Maximilian Wilhelm:

> The original reporter could not access the serial port with Jpilot so I
> think it does make sense :)

Oh, bummer, yes. :)
As long as nothing "dangerous" is otherwise localy attatched to the serial 
ports of login machines(terminal servers and workstations) dialout should be 

> > plugdev might be somthig to consider, though. (pmount)
> > I don't know about video (agpgart access). Is that save/necessary?
> We use it at work.
> I don't know exactly if it's needed in Debian-EDU

plugdev also?
Would make sense for USB stuff in skolelinux.

I found video seems to be neccessary at least for proprietary 3D drivers
http://www.debianhelp.co.uk/nvidia.htm , maybe also video capture cards. Seems 
OK then, unsure risk for me, though.

> > Also, here, instead of having to put pam_group.so in all kde, login,
> > gnome,... etc. files it was globaly activated in /etc/pam.d/common-auth.
> As far as I saw the common-* file aren't used by the Debian-EDU specific
> pam.d/* files.

Hmm, you're right... strange pam setup.
Puting it into common-auth aka common-auth-ldap-debian-edu did work here 

I'm sure if it would be me to have to edit /etc/security/group.conf next time, 
I wouldn't expect to, and only find out later, if I also had to separately 
put pam_group.so into every related pam service file. :(

Again, can't make sense of the debian-edu pam setup, yet.

BTW: Maybe just add the line for gdm now, too.


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