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Re: Simplifying skolelinux.org as a showcase

Sunday 12 March 2006 21:59, wrote Knut Yrvin:
> Since the project meeting in Erkelenz I've pointed out to Markus
> Gamenius that it was 12 months ago we planed to improve the
> skolelinux.org as a multilingual showcase promoting
> Skolelinux/Debian_Edu.  The board in "Free Software in Schools" had
> also donated some compensation to Alex Brasetvik for some initially
> training learning eZ publish.  

Well, since the skolelinux.org discussion, last time agreed on moving things 
to the wiki, FRISK has told Markus that Alex's services no longer would be 

Strange that none of the participants on this "project leader" meeting has had 
the time to indulged themself on the "skolelinux.org" discussion, when you 
obviously have found this topic interesting enough to discuss in your own 


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