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Simplifying skolelinux.org as a showcase

Here it is, the mockup of a showcase Skolelinux/Debian_Edu presentation 


Do we need changes, and how should this site look like? Let the 
discussion begin :-). 

Oh, the idea behind this design come from Halvor Dahls brother, a 
university professor. He showed us the www.koha.org website. The mockup 
is made by Alex Brasetvik. 

* Background

A lot of progress is done lately to improve the workflow in the
Skolelinux/Debian Edu project. The wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu taking
form. The irc-meetings for developers as far I can see is a
success. On the project leader meeting at Erkelenz we agreed on that a
showcase web was needed. 

The main goal is to help decision makers to choose
Skolelinux/Debian_Edu. The showcase should be a well designed
web-pages informing about Skolelinux as a product and give examples
and answer to questions. The users can be teachers, admins, local
government and decision makers. Also some pages for pupils will be
nice that many ask for using computer programs used at their local
school to their home assignment. Then we should get them easy access
and guides to free software to use at home.

Since the project meeting in Erkelenz I've pointed out to Markus
Gamenius that it was 12 months ago we planed to improve the
skolelinux.org as a multilingual showcase promoting
Skolelinux/Debian_Edu.  The board in "Free Software in Schools" had
also donated some compensation to Alex Brasetvik for some initially
training learning eZ publish.  Alex are studying at The Norwegian
University of Science and Technology, and working with rolling out web
publishing systems for LinuxLabs.  He is already overbooked. So Markus
at LinuxLabs are helping out, and Alex can to this job without other
assignment coming his way.


Knut Yrvin

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