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Re: Simplifying skolelinux.org as a showcase

Mandag 13 mars 2006 02:07, skrev Frode Jemtland:
> Well, since the skolelinux.org discussion, last time agreed on moving
> things to the wiki, FRISK has told Markus that Alex's services no
> longer would be needed.

Maby because I had my first real Holiday in five years from the February
the 20th and to 27th. I left my computer at home, and turned of my
mobile phone.

> Strange that none of the participants on this "project leader"
> meeting has had the time to indulged themself on the "skolelinux.org"
> discussion, when you obviously have found this topic interesting
> enough to discuss in your own meeting.

After my Holiday, I'we browsed the developer archive and have just fund 
positive decisions to improve the showcase web, from the people out in 
the field, working with real promotion and helping schools deploy, and 
run Skolelinux installations.

I can't answer to others, but the summary from the Erkelenz-meeting has
been out from 2006-02-17, and it's no conflict of interest in having a
showcase web, and have a wiki that works good for developers, and new
contributers who want to join the project. The persons that promote
Skolelinux really need a improved showcase web, and I'm helping out
with doing just that, according to plans made 12 months ago, and
embraced by two other project-leaders in France and Germany at the
developer gathering at Erkelenz.

Since lot of my job is to help schools and municipalities to roll out
and run Skolelinux installations, I and other people that does the
day-to-day contact with schools, municipalities, and decision makers
need a better promoting tool. This work is mostly done by me, and not
so active people at the developer-list at Skolelinux. 

Maybe you and the others on the developer list did not get so much
response from others than me, was because the Germans have their own 
Skolelinux-list, and the French has their own ideas how to use the 
English speaking list (thei dislike to speak English, and it's a job to 
motivate the French promoting people to be very active at an English 
speaking developer-list). Most of the French and the German promoting 
activities are done in their native language.

So back to the issue. The work with promoting Skolelinux is done
mostly by others than developers. The developers does not, with some
exceptions, get the finances, or the deals to get schools or
municipalities to use Skolelinux. I and the other persons that does
most of the promoting activities has got feedback from
municipalities. They say improve and simplify the web.  I can't see
why improving the web should be halted because of some people that
has promised me to fix things, that everybody has agreed on, should
not keep their promises.

I have explained how I want to do this, Kurt has written down the
summary of our suggestions, and what we should work on, and are meet
with, ohh, you should not have done what I'we planed to do 12 month
ago because I'we been to a holiday for a week.

This is pretty easy for me. We are now fixing what everybody have said
their want, not by giving up, but just doing whats necessary and
planned. We, who promote Skolelinux in Germany, France and Norway,
agreed on what to do, and we are now in the process of doing it - as
in do-o-cracy. Then we are meet with some objections form developers,
that for the most part, is not concerning the promotion of Skolelinux,
but how we should obey decisions that, as far as I can see, don't help
promoting the product, even if the summary made by Kurt is pretty
clear of our intentions.

Untill now the showcase web has been handelde by the FRISK-border. Now 
i'll try to do this the Skolelinux do-o-cracy way, because I need a 
good tool for promoting our good work, that we do together. It's 
interesting to see that the remarks so fare is not about how to make a 
good web-page, but how I should interact with some decisions on the 
developer list, done by people that don't do so much job in the field 
as I do. The persons who does promotion of Skolelinux in different 
countries ask for a better showcase web, and all agree. I'm a bit 
disappointed that I write much text to explain why I should do the 
improvement that people want, and nobody has commented about the 

My final remark is the folloving. If I, in some way should fail this, 
I'll pay a bootle of beer to all in the FRISK board, and some soda if 
people don't want beer. I'm eager to fix this now, and please comment 
the mockup. 


Knut Yrvin

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