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Re: Kde-edu, GCompris, Gimp

Le mardi 12 juillet 2005 à 11:33 +0200, Vidar Bakke a écrit :

> The user manual was impressive and the home
> page of the application was both informative and
> helpful. The articles in french and italian clearly
> demonstrated that we have a language barrier in
> Europe.

This is also where our identites are :) At first it may look like a
barrier but it also helps to provide cultural enrichment with different
point of view. Did you never notice how it is interesting to chat with
geeks from other countries than yours ;-) 
I have found that the Dr. Geo Italian collobarator is doing great stuff
and I found myself in situation where I am translating back stuff from
the Italian traduction of the user manual (with the help of Google
language tools). So it is not a top down translation effort.
In the other hand, documentation for free software for education are
very important, and it is probably the first document a teacher will get
on his hands. Poorly writen documentation will give a bad felling on the
software. This is for this reason I give up writing the English version
of the documentation, and concentrate in the French version. Later I was
really surprise to see people to translate from the French version, it
is not so common in the free software community. 

Of course, an up to date English version of the documentation will help
a lot as some advanced features of Dr.Geo cannot be understood without
the documentation.

> Are you still are looking for a translator to do
> the french - english translation of the manual?

Yes, I am still looking for ->english translator. Btw it can be
translated from Italian, Spanish, Dutch or French.
If any taker just email at my personnal adress:
hilaire [AT] ext.cri74.org


Hilaire Fernandes
CDDP des Landes
Ingénierie Éducative
614, rue du Ruisseau - BP 401
40012 Mont de Marsan Cedex

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