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Re: Kde-edu, GCompris, Gimp

On 11 Jul, 2005, at 17:20, Hilaire Fernandes wrote:

Le sam 02/07/2005 à 20:02, Vidar Bakke a écrit :

I have been told several times that KDE EDU,
GCompris, Gimp and a custom desktop (not the
standard KDE desktop) are key requirements
by the  schools.

Is this a universal truth?

Dr. Geo an interactive geometry software I wrote for primary and
secondary school students and teachers received a quality label from the
Italian public institute INDIRE.

So I guess this count for something :)

I will add Dr. Geo to my list.

The user manual was impressive and the home
page of the application was both informative and
helpful. The articles in french and italian clearly
demonstrated that we have a language barrier in
Are you still are looking for a translator to do
the french - english translation of the manual?
Any takers on the list?

(btw, I feel like an idiot not been able to find
Dr. Geo myself)



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