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Re: Kde-edu, GCompris, Gimp

Le sam 02/07/2005 à 20:02, Vidar Bakke a écrit :

> I have been told several times that KDE EDU,
> GCompris, Gimp and a custom desktop (not the
> standard KDE desktop) are key requirements
> by the  schools.
> Is this a universal truth?

Dr. Geo an interactive geometry software I wrote for primary and
secondary school students and teachers received a quality label from the
Italian public institute INDIRE.

So I guess this count for something :)

For more information see http://www.ofset.org/articles/131.

Hilaire Fernandes

CDDP des Landes
Ingénierie Éducative
614, rue du Ruisseau - BP 401
40012 Mont de Marsan Cedex

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