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Kde-edu, GCompris, Gimp

I have been told several times that KDE EDU,
GCompris, Gimp and a custom desktop (not the
standard KDE desktop) are key requirements
by the  schools.

Is this a universal truth?

Unfortunately non of the apps are on the current
Skolelinux sarge cd as of today.

The only possible way to get the apps on the CD is
to replace some big existing packages. Replacement
candidates are:

- the development tools (if needed apt-get install)

- emacs (not used by schools and redundant and
  it's only a quick apt-get install away)

- Koffice (redundant and the cause of a lot
  of problems because of OOo mix up and it's
  better that a sys admin removes OOo and
  install Koffice to minimize end user problems
  if Koffice is their choice.
  Koffice is growing and has the same
  File, Edit, View, Insert, Format menu as OOo and
  for basic usage the same skill set is necessary.
  I consider Koffice redundant since OOo as of
  today is our preferred office suite. Personally
  I like Koffice better and I'm waiting for a better
  MS Word filter)

What is the downsize of a possible package replacement?

If the replacement is done the schools will have more
apps for learning purposes and the usefulness of
Skolelinux will increase.


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