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Re: well-configured servers out of the box

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On 12-07-2005 13:34, Knut Yrvin wrote:
> tirsdag 12. juli 2005, 12:42, skrev Geert Stappers:
>>Debian-edu is too much frozen in a single CD image concept.
> No, it's not. You can download all the images :-)
> ftp://ftp.skolelinux.no/cd-woody/
> But if you are at a school in Africa with no broadband, or an other
> country that has limited bandwidth, it's a huge issue to decrease the
> amount of software that the schools need to download, and the ease to
> copy CDs when It's downloaded, that can take 7-8 days. 

Good point.

>>It would good to have packages like debian-edu-config-bind and
>>debian-edu-config-dhcpd. Or combinated in debian-edu-config-domain.
> This is a work that is started, but not at all finished. We have
> spent, and spend a lot of time together with the people in
> CDD-projects (Custom Debian Distributions).

Please bring more details. I seem to have missed info on this specific
work (quite relevant to what I am working on right now) on either the
debian-edu or debian-custom mailingslists.

 - Jonas

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