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well-configured servers out of the box

 [ thread with Subject: 'no more "one CD fits all" ...and then?' ]

On Mon, Jul 11, 2005 at 11:27:06PM +0200, Conrad Newton wrote:
> In my view, the main contribution of skolelinux is to offer a set
> of well-configured servers out of the box.  The applications are
> not usually configured in the same way -- merely downloaded and
> used as is.  In short, the core of skolelinux is the servers,
> and they certainly fit on one CD.

Debian-edu is too much frozen in a single CD image concept.

Skolelinux know-how can't be used elsewhere, meaning it isn't used elsewhere.
That leads to isolation, doing the job that we could do together with

The package debian-edu-config is way too fat.

It would good to have packages like debian-edu-config-bind and
debian-edu-config-dhcpd. Or combinated in debian-edu-config-domain.

That package contains the configuration files plus and (cf-engine)script
that installs those config files. Starting the (cf-engine)script has
to be done by the sysadministrator to comply with Debian-policy.
At system install time the (cf-engine)script can be started by
the (debian-)installer.

From Debian bugreport #286218:

  > The two configuration files are not presents indeed.

  That is intentional, there is no way to write a sane default configuration
  file without a lot of debconf questions and a complex script to handle it.
  As the package is intended for administrators that already have done a lot
  of customizations to other configurations (slapd, samba) it seems better to
  force them to read the HOWTO or at least the README.Debian.

  Besides all that, I'm using the package on a CDD and no configuration allows
  me to provide custom configuration files for this package without breaking
  the Debian policy.

I see good things in that approach. It is an opportunity for Debian-edu
to be more then a manufactor that provides only a single CD image.

Geert Stappers

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