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Re: no more "one CD fits all" ...and then?

Dear Patrick,

thank you for your thorough reply on this issue.

Am Sonntag, 10. Juli 2005 15:53 schrieb Patrick Willam:
> V.) per another distinction
> There haven't come any more characterisitics to my mind up to now.
> You have got another suggestion? Let us hear about it!

Yes. You got the point: the question is: where to split. Two further 
options come into my mind:

V.) split by region 
personally I doubt that language packages use that much space on the cd. 
however, conrad newton also seems to have good experiences with 
building snofrix-versions for different regions (e.g. nordic). 
For Debian-Edu/Skolelinux this could mean:
- Central-/Northern-Europe + US + Australia
- South-West-Europe + Latin America
- Eastern Europe
- Asia, Arabia, Africa ...

VI.) core-cd + extensions
Analysing the space needed by different packages on conrad's snofrix, it 
stroke me that gcompris and openoffice both take approx. 200 MB! This 
makes it very clear that you can save a lot of space if you omit 
applications that are not needed by everyone:

- primary schools want gcompris, but possibly can do w/o openoffice
- with secondary schools it is vice versa.

in the first place this reminds to the usage scenario (IV), but my idea 
is to have _one_ core cd that installs everything like now, plus 
extensional cds that provide (different types of users) with extra 
packages. to make those easy to install, we could use additional 
meta-packages (such as kdeedu) like debian-edu-primary-school


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