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Re: well-configured servers out of the box

El Tue, Jul 12, 2005 at 12:42:24PM +0200, Geert Stappers va escriure:
> The package debian-edu-config is way too fat.
> It would good to have packages like debian-edu-config-bind and
> debian-edu-config-dhcpd. Or combinated in debian-edu-config-domain.
> That package contains the configuration files plus and (cf-engine)script
> that installs those config files. Starting the (cf-engine)script has
> to be done by the sysadministrator to comply with Debian-policy.
> At system install time the (cf-engine)script can be started by
> the (debian-)installer.

  The use of a common package for configuration scripts has been discussed
  here and on debian-custom and it seems a good idea to me; I don't see the
  advantage of having separate packages for each configuration script, but

  BTW, my approach to the configuration scripts handling on the cddtk includes
  the use of a tool to enable, disable and ignore them, that way the scripts
  can be installed with the CDD description and are enabled when the task that
  needs them is installed by the administrator.
  The system also allows the administrator to say if he wants to ignore the
  customizations done by an specific configuration script, to keep the
  original debian version or the user generated one and not apply changes.

  If anyone is interested the initial description of the tools is in:


  Keep in mind that those tools only implement a framework to be used by
  cfg-scripts, but does not provide the configuration scripts.

> From Debian bugreport #286218:
>   > The two configuration files are not presents indeed.
>   That is intentional, there is no way to write a sane default configuration
>   file without a lot of debconf questions and a complex script to handle it.
>   As the package is intended for administrators that already have done a lot
>   of customizations to other configurations (slapd, samba) it seems better to
>   force them to read the HOWTO or at least the README.Debian.
>   Besides all that, I'm using the package on a CDD and no configuration allows
>   me to provide custom configuration files for this package without breaking
>   the Debian policy.
> I see good things in that approach. It is an opportunity for Debian-edu
> to be more then a manufactor that provides only a single CD image.

  That quote sounded familiar... looking at the bug I knew why... ;)

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